Bumper Bracket Question.

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Oct 24, 2005
Houston, TX
Ok guys....I have a possibly dumb question. I have beat up bumpers, but I'm a former striving college student who's in the real world and still striving...anyhow...I want to get some new bumpers maybe some black aftermarket ones from CCOT anyhow...one bumper bracket is kinda upward because the bumper was hit by PO....anyhow if I take the old bumper off can I hammer that top part of that bumper bracket down flat? or should I just spend the money at SOR and buy new ones? or go to a junk yard and see if I can find new ones? what do I do guys....Yes I know I should buy a ARB bumper but remember...I'm still struggling! Thanks
Get a big hammer and get to work

Chances are you can probably bend the bracket back with the stock bumper still on it.
if you put an appropriately sized brick or wooden block between the horns, it'll prevent you from going too far and mashing them together.... easier to hit down on the horn than to seperate them from one-another.

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