Built 62 axles FS (1 Viewer)

Jun 13, 2003
Rotors/calipers new within 12 months
Long inners/outers
ARB installed
4:88s installed with all new bearings
ASAIN hubs
All new hub studs, cones etc...
$1400 + shipping via Forward Air

Factory FF
All new FF studs, cones, bearings, seals within 12 months
Axle flanges redrilled for 2 extra studs
Brakes new within 12 months
4:88 installed with all new bearings
Powertrak installed
$1100+shipping via Forward Air

Rear can also be supplied with a JK Customs track bar. Mount is already on the axle tube
Add $400 to rear axle

Both axles are direct drop ins to stock 60/62 SUA.
Both axles can be supplied with flipped spring plates and cut/turned knuckles and any combo of R+P/locker you wish. PM me if you want a special set up.

As listed above they are SUA.
Jun 13, 2003
Sale pending.

If you want 'em PM me and get in line if the first falls through.

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