bug shield cuttin drag?

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Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Well I know we all drive a brick on wheels. Was curious if anyone who has a bug deflector notices any kind of reduction in the drag. Wondering if the way it scoops upwards helps carry the air over the windshield, kinda like an air scoop on a tractor trailer before the trailer. I have about an hour drive to work now and wishfully thinkin that this may help a little bit with the gas mileage. And I've had my cruiser for 5 years so I know gas mileage sucks...this was just somethin that had come to mind tonight drivin home.

I recently purchased the SOR deflector for my 62. I had to take it off because it was catching so many leaves from the oak tree in my yard. With the included 3M bumperettes installed (to keep deflector from scratching/wearing paint) and the tight fit - the leaves have a hard time blowing out during highway driving and are a pain to spray out w/ a water hose. I'll probably throw it back on when spring hits. It looks good on a stock vehicle but in my opinion it's too busy if you have a bull bar and lights.

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