Broken ABS Wire

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Mar 24, 2007
:doh: I have a Yellow FJ, roof rack, 6-SP,Rock Rails, Skid Plate.
Currantly just over 2K miles. Changed oil at 1750 to Mobil 1 synthetic but havent noticed better mileage yet. Getting about 18.5 on the hwy @ 70 m/hr.

While being pulled out of the mudd on my second offroad experience, the tow strap wrapped around the driver side rear axle. I was hooked to the rear factory tie down but must have run over the strap and it went around the axle. A wire got pulled out of a sensor. Now most of my brake and traction lights are on.

Is this repairable? What is the likelyhood the dealer might fix it under warranty?
Is this repairable? What is the likelyhood the dealer might fix it under warranty?

Yes they can replace the sensor and wire. If the damage is isolated to just the wire and sensor, then the labor involved should be minimal.

As for fixing it under warranty, IMO you broke it all by yourself and you need to take responsibility and pay for the repairs. Expecting the dealer to cover the cost of repairs is like asking them to pay for your hobby.
No, they wont cover it under warrenty.
I ripped my front sensor off in a mud/ice hole last year, and they say they dont cover mechanical damage due to "insert your stupidity here". It wasnt that much money tho. I think like 200 bucks, but my memory is fuzzy on that one.
Gotta pay to play.

I guess today was my lucky day. Looking closer the other end of the broken wire had about two inches before it went to a connector. I was able to butt splice the two wires in the cable and weatherproof them with rubber tape and electrical tape. The lights cleared after driving around the block. Worst case if it fails, I can order the cable and install it myself (both ends just plug into connectors).

Thanks for you help.
Lucky you, the ones at the front seem to be in a vunerable spot , to me anywyas, mine ripped right out.

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