Brian894x4's build progress.

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Feb 26, 2004
Here's what I have so far:

Just got the 2.5 OME lift installed. Heavy front (850) and medium rear (860) OME shocks haven't arrived yet, so I'm still rolling on stock shocks. Castor correction still needs to be done. Hopefully on Monday.

Tires were just installed today, Goodyear MTR 285/75R-16s.

And of course Slee's bumper.

Not pictured is a duel battery system, radios, laptop mount, gps, and Slee's AO touring drawers.

Next up on the list is: Warn M8000 and setting up the interior and cargo area for our weekend adventures. Slee sliders and possibly some kind of bumper/tire carrier are also on the list.

I need to find a slim 33x16 spare that I put under the LC for the time being. Any suggestions?
Looks good, nice and sleek. For a skinny 33, try a 255/85. But get some real height measurements, the 255 BFG MT is a full 34", others might be closer to a 33.
very close to my set up. you are going to love it. i wanted to go with 315s so i just upgraded to a slee 4" lift with all the adjustable goodies. painting them in the basement now.

did you get the drawer system that covers the entire rear bed or the one that is just s box? i got just the box one, wish i got the one with the "wings"

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