Brayden's school Cruiser, now dads work and hunting rig.

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Keep Bruce alive!
No more SRS airbag light.

Pull the bulb? Lol. It's surprising how quick you have to move when resetting it in order for it to take.
Thrust bearings bad? No just the harmonic balancer separating.

think I put too much torque on it when I did the oil pump seal last year. I had to rig this up to break the bolt loose!
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Pics don’t show
Yep! Works now. I need to borrow that brace. See if we can get the harmonic balancer off my spare...
It works now! You had to use a winch to break it free? That looks sketchy, but I like it lol
I worked well once I got it rigged up. The messed up part was I had to reset it and pull it together twice. Couldn't break it loose with the frame/starter way.
Ive never had an issue with using the frame and starter. Have you got a torque wrench that goes to 304lbs
My battery was dead, not real sure if a fully charged battery would break it loose.

No torque wrench that big yet, I am weaker than last year thou. Should be spot on this time. :rofl:
You need not that big to put it back on. very important. I put mine on without and got what i thought was tight. Then used the Toque wrench and realized i was light.
I torqued mine by clock position. I think I used either a 200 or 250lb wrench and marked it at 100,150,200,250 and put it approximately where 300 would be plus a little extra for good luck lol. It's held for over 10k miles so far. Ymmv!
If the torque is less than the spec then AFAIK you will eventually develop some issues that would be long term effects and result into a dead engine. As you may already know that your PS and oil pump are driven off of the crank (gear driven) and the pressure comes from the torque on the pulley created by the bolt. So if there is inadequate pressure than the gears will slip causing oil pressure drop and other domino effects. Bottom line is: it's good to know that at least 304 ft LB is achieved.

Not really about holding together

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