Borescope Endoscope USB

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I always wanted a borescope endoscope but they were $$$. I just seen that there are now USB borescope endoscopes. They are going for under $35. Are they very good quality?
Would like to use it on the spark plug hole or even in my rifle bore.
I did buy one recently. They are all over the place in price. Couple big differences come to mind: the diameter and the focusing distance. The ones you'd want for a cylinder have a limited depth of field I think since they have to focus very close. But it's a bit hard to find out the specs on many of the cheaper ones. The cheaper ones are also usually bigger in diameter and likely too big to fit in the average plug holes. You'd want to double check the diameter (and don't trust the published chinese specs on that). Also for a cylinder you will likely need a mirror system to see sideways and those either are prone to falling off in the cylinder (not great) or will increase the girth of the gizmo a fair bit. The lighting is also critical for a cylinder application. You also will need software but there are some free ones floating around. Just don't expect HD quality from a $35 gizmo.
With a bore scope, you will find out very quick that you get what you pay for. I use the Hawkeye Pro Rigid bore scope for all my bench rest rifle work. Here is a link to their scopes. Along with a fixed line of scopes they all so make a very fine line of flexible bore scopes. One thing you need to look for in any bore scope is quality optics, next you want a scope that delivers lots of light to the item your viewing. With this brand of scope you'll be getting both,quality and light, but remember, quality always cost more money.

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