Bonedaddy daddy

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Dec 23, 2002
John notes Bonedaddy is a dad! Congrats to mom and dad!

Nicely done Eric. Please share the stats when you get a chance.
Not quite yet. Just saw Bonedaddy and he was not quite a daddy yet.

But he did do some Big Daddy work on Ben's truck. Now Ben needs some new springs in the back and he will be good to go for Rubithon.
thats right, little Evan is here here are the specs:

8lbs 4 oz
22" long
c section
got home yesterday

You need to contact Dion and pay up for Evan's PMC membership so he can get in on the club run raffles.
Gee, I thought that was the kind of stuff Grandpas did ?????
congrats Eric to you and momma!

and so begins the curse your mom levied on you... 'I hope you have kids just like you'!
Grats Eric, but come on really you like John that much you named your kid after him? hee hee hee hee
New Wheeler to the family ?

Congrats ,Eric , and Grandpa !!

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