Bolt on rock sliders for 1st gen Sequoias

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Bolts to factory step locations. Photos only show static load, not dynamic so its quite dangerous imo.

There's a reason the industry uses weld to frame sliders.

BFF also offers a hybrid bolt / weld kit for their sliders.
I like them, I’ll probably go that route because I’m too impatient for the BFF ones. 16-20 weeks. Probably do the arb tundra bumper too. I think it’s on Prime so you can get in two days
Most of the local guys here in Charleston won’t touch it unless it’s welding a t-top for a boat.
I watched the video and and agree that they are mounting to the stock factory step mounting holes. Not nearly as strong as mounting to the frame. Fine for everyday use just like the factory step, but I wouldn't feel comfortable using them on trails. I've nailed my frame-welded sliders many times and I have complete confidence in them. Not only can they easily support the full weight of the truck, but I can drop down hard onto them without fear of them bending or failing. I'd be concerned with the above sliders taking a hard hit. Would it bend the cab that it mounts to?

My sliders are BFF. Mine are before they offered the hybrid weld/bolt-on option. So they are fully welded to the frame.

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