body lift/mount question

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Aug 13, 2004
I just got done installing a roger brown kit ...took me a whole day with only a few problems...rusted bolts and such....this kit was very easy to install.....does anyone know the torque specs for the mounting bolts????..........i have to say it....I love my much.........I just keeps going and makes the best product
Ive heard its around 20 ft lbs, which is pretty much just taking the slack out. The idea is the mount is just supposed to insulate the vibrations from the frame, you dont want or need the bolt to me tight. I just took the slack out and put another turn on it and left it. Did the kit come with nylock nuts or are you using jamb nuts (you need one or the other)?
It came with the nylon lock looks good...just have to check torque and tighted steering shaft tomorrow....didn't do anything to radiator might have to.....ran out of time worked in driveway with maglight till 9pm was a dirty job and I keep my baby clean
COOL, I have only head good things of roger's kits. I ordered some greasable shackle bolts from him and they were nice.

Post up pics and more details about install, and the kit specifics (which options you went with)
I wish i had replaced the body mounts with the poly ones when i did my body lift, they arent dry-rotted but i still wish i had just done the job right the first time. On the other hand, it saved me a good bit of dough and theres no need to fix whats not broke right?
"...roger brown kit..."

umm, a " full kit - nut & bolts & blocks & ...." ?

Please post or pm link / phone # for a "...roger brown kit..."


as far as the radiator goes, I think we've been hanging the radiator from the mount instead of stock where the radiator-side mount sits ON the core-support-side mount...just moving the radiator down on the core support, really.
beaufort-fj60 said:
i guess this is it, i never heard of it either. still don't know why you would want to lift the body.

That is it, highly reccomended from what I have seen on the net.

You want to lift the body if you are trying to clear larger tires.
1 of 2 reasons on that.
1. You already did a suspension lift and need just a little more (no mor ethan 2") to clear larger tires.
2. You are on a very tight budget and that is the only way you can afford to lift it at all to fit your larger tires.

Body lifts or BL have been discussed pros and cons in a few threads. rather informative.
yea I can see that, basically a means to an end. I doubt I ever go bigger than 33s. I remember seeing some tacos with body lifts and it looked funny because the bumper was lower than the truck.
body lift spec

my stepbrother fabricated himself a body lift out of UHMW, 3" all he needed for about $6.00, then cut and drilled, installed himself...he did have to build custom bumper mounts and a tcase ext.
truck body mounts look crappy just because of the space between the frame on the rear underneath the bed...
When I see Tacomas, or even jeeps, etc with only the BL, especially if its like a 3". I just think they are cheap and are not into really using the truck offroad.

By the way you can adjust the bumper height, but it does make it weaker in the case of a crash.
ad the thread digresses...

to answer the original question... just tighten the bolt until all the threads are taken up and give it a few extra turns. you dont want to cut into or crush the body mount. please see my install here:
if you would like to see why someone would do it, yes, it is to fit bigger than 33s... you can see that here:

truck doesnt look silly at all. you cant even tell there is a body lift except for a view directly from the rear. i only went 1" though...
Yeah, 1 inch is only noticable in the back, and im working on plans for a new rear bumper to hide that too. I too hate the look of a 3in body lift on anything, but in moderation they are the shizznit. My main argument for body lifts is that no matter how much lift you have, your tires still have to try and fit into the same space regardless of how much more arch your springs have. By lifting the body you give the tire more room at full stuff.

And the more i see it, the more i kinda like the look of the lift at the back. I guess im wierd.
I'd love to get a set of the Ultimate blocks for my rig. My rubber blocks are just about completely crushed so I figured I could do just a little lift on the body. 1/2" ideally, no more than 1".

Hell I probably should do it soon....

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