Bj74 steel brake lines help

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Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
I have my axle removed and while doing so I am planning to replace the solid brake lines that run along the axle. Does anyone have good info on the types of fittings, flares, and size of tubing that is required.

My caliper is showing 3/16" for the tube. Sorry for the quality of pictures. I will try to take more later


I do not, sorry. I have done brake lines on a British car and they had double flares. Absolutely no connection to your job.

If no one here knows I'd take a line to my mechanic to see if the flare type can be definitely identified.

I used cunifer lines as shown on this website
So the line is 3/16" and the glare is a 45 degree double flare. However the nut doesn't match with anything I see in the stores or online and toyodiy doesn't break it down that far.
It'll be metric. SOR may have the size or quite a few NAPA stores have metric fittings. It is probably easier to take the line to a good parts stor and match one up for size / length and bend it yourself than properly cut and double flare the line - especially if you have not done one before.
Nuts are probably a standard thread but extra meaty.

Incredible price from Amayama!
Unfortunately, the part numbers were no longer available. Think I will just cut the old nuts off and reuse them on new lines. Ill update when i actually get some free time to do any work

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