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Oct 8, 2014
Hey everybody!

New to the forum and just want to say that you guys have been a big help on my "project". Been lurking for the last 6 months or so and you guys answered alot of my questions without me having been registered. Just wanted to express my thanks.

Now to the meat and potatoes of my new registration to the site. I have got two project trucks that I got my hand on in the last year. My first project I procured is a 1985 BJ60 with a 3B that was a rusted out piece of crap but the drive train and interior was in excellent condition. View attachment 951204 View attachment 951206
Had a pretty great time driving it around for a couple months until I had a run in with a pole. Literally.View attachment 951209 Kinda discouraged me and I left it alone for awhile. It was only last weekend that I found a suitable donor vehicle that I was going to steal the body off of. It's a 1986 Canadian HJ60 and is pictured below.View attachment 951219 View attachment 951220
It is in better shape believe it or not. Catch is that the 2H seems to have a broken piston ring as it smokes like no ones business. Anyways, unbeknownst to me until pick up, this HJ has a 5 speed H55F which is a pretty big temptation compared to my 4 speed 3B.
The plan has now changed to that of swapping out the 2H out of the HJ with the 3B in the BJ. Is this something that is doable? I know that there will be quite a bit of work behind it but I want to be proud of my land cruiser when its done so it ok with me.
In the long run I want to pull the body off the frame, clean up the rust (patch panel where need to), and paint the whole thing. Quite the task. The autobody side of things I am ok with but the mechanical side that I am weak on. Any advice is appreciated. (Money being on the short side, a cost effective solution is needed.)

Sorry to wait till the end for the info. Got into the story...
- 1985 BJ60, 3B Diesel engine, 4 speed, 380,000 Kilometers, quite a hard life by the look of it,
- 1986 HJ60, 2H Diesel engine with some troubles, 5 speed H55F transmission, 615,000 Kilometers, at least compared to the BJ60 and the little the previous owner told me - seems to be better taken care of with less 4x4 on it.

Thanks for your time and advice!
Oct 14, 2009
I know nothing about swaps and conversions. But I was wondering: wouldn't be less work to simply rebuild the 2H?
You already have the body and the gearbox you want in the HJ60.
Plus, the 3B has a fair amount of kms on it.
Sep 8, 2010
Kinda my feeling too, you've got two diesel engines which alot of guys desire for swaps so sell off the 3B and put that money toward rebuilding the 2H. That way you don't have to mess with any differences in wiring between the models (which probably isn't alot), different mount positions for the frame, transmission mating changes, other mechanical items which you said isn't your strong suite anyway. Put the money into the rebuild and you may get another 600K out of the 2H. Don't forget some TLC on the transmission too!

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