Birf tear down

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Feb 1, 2006
Utah County
I managed to get te birf apart and cleaned up. Look at the pics and see if look good enough to reuse on the other side. I have had some clicking on the opposite side (Passenger side) I am planning on swapping. Also another problem I am having is I did not take noticed of how the cage was setup. Is the skinny side or the thick side on top? Look at the pics and let me know. I cannot find anything online or on mud on a teardown with pics. Any help in this matter would be great.





Which way is it all installed?


Ok my bad, I assumed that the ring in the splines in the star was for the snapring. I guess not. How does the wear look? To me it looks like next to nothing. I just want to make sure from those who are much more experienced then I am.
So this look better then? I was very surprised at how hard it was to get the cage to move where it needed to go. The red grease will be cleaned off with degreaser before being put back together.

Thank you guys. Finished with birf service and no more clicking. The info here was very helpful.:cheers:

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