big roof rack cargo basket

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Aug 16, 2005
I just picked up two 500lb rear hitch cargo haulers from PA, they are on sale for $55.
Combining the two of them with just a few feet of square aluminum tubing (which I will pick up and can do for anybody else), gives a 54" x 44" roof rack cargo basket. Similar but smaller baskets from Yakimawa and Thule are 350 to 450 pesos.
This configuration will work well on the wagons.
Here is a before picture:

Flickr Photo Download: roof rack cargo basker from 2 PA cargo haulers

Looks good Marcin. Can't wait to see the finished poduct. I was thinking about making a bigger flat rack than I have by using 3-4 of the aluminum atv ramps mounted on aluminum tube. Where are you getting your clamps from. I checked out some of the ones on roof ack thread in the expo section. Those clamps are pretty pricey.
For mounts you can get quick ny easy rain gutter mounts. I bought mine from Aquabatics. 75 for 4. Kicker is you need 6 to even out the load.

I got my roof rack off an ex shuttle bus type vehicle. Found it in the buy and sell in Calgary. I had to get it cut down to 55 by 8 feet(96). It's full size.

On my trip currently I have about 500 lbs up there. Works nice.
Hijack on/ and how is Moab? Hijack off
hey thats a slick setup marcin. looks like it can be made totally modular, so you can have full or half length rack.

looks like the bar that bolts to the center piece hangs down quite a bit, and would probably need a riser for the basket ends? what are you going to use for crossbar mounts?

interested in the final setup. i was originally thinking about a thule/yarkimar type enclosed cargo box, but now im wanting a full length but reasonably priced basket. looks like this setup might make for easier storage as well...

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