Events/Trails Big Bear July 2019

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Jul 11, 2007
So the dates are set as people have started making reservations.
July 12-14.
Crab FLats.

1. Elripster + Trailer
2. Justin-send-it
3. Phulcrum+ Irrelevant
4. crustyYota
5. Rioja100
6. FJunkie
7. irrelevant (Randy and wife) ( staying in Phulcrums site)

Friday night meal:
Shrimp fry- justin-send-it

Saturday night meal:
mojoe fajitas by tim
tri-tip and sausages by Tommy (Fjunkie)

Trails are :

gold mountain and if we have time jacoby canyon

HAM 145.420
CB 22
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In, likely with whole crew.
Sounds fun, I'm tentatively in. What are the temps like up there that time of the year?
It should 60s to 80's in the mountains, cool at night.
I'll be up there the weekend before with the family...wish I could make both trips.
bump. interest? bump?

I am going either way. Big bear is my favorite place to camp and wheel. we can set up multiple trail runs for various rig capabilities.
I’ll sign Tim up to lead the Dishpan run ;)
Am in, wanna try and get the same spots as last time?
So I just booked site 21, same as last year. That side of the camp ground was nice, not too crowded, and everyone seemed to like it. Also there was a tree well suited for playing on the kids enjoyed.

The campground is darn near vacant the 12th-14th of July and ripe for B&T take over.
Oh man, the food will be rocking.
Just booked...the wrong dates..

fixed. booked site 22!
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So you can book a camp spot? I've never reserved a campsite before Link?
Small group = yellow posts!
With the kids and all in tow I think we will be big enough to use that loop at Crabs.
$54 to camp for two nights? Holly s***!!

Edit: I have a life time parks pass it only cost me $31 and I'm #27
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