better harness drawings

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Mar 17, 2008
Bend, OR
Newbe here and just purchased my 65 FJ40 on friday. The list is growing, having trouble sleeping, etc... and know i'm going to need to re-do a bunch of wiring. I've searched through here fairly well, and really like the wiring diagrams 0-15 FJ40 Wiring Diagrams - Land Cruiser Tech from as well as the schematics posted.:clap:

my question is whether any better images exist? I'd like to rebuild the harnesses and have the resources to do so, just trying to sift through the information and having trouble some trouble reading/decifering the harness drawings.

Does anyone have better images of the harnesses? I think i've figured out how the prints are put together, but can't be sure as i'm guess on most of the sub-numbers labelled.

any help or advice would be appreciated!:steer:


I have purchased schematics from this outfit and they seem to be nice.

HERE <---- this is a link


Those look like much better wiring diagrams than the one I bought off eBay, thanks for the link.
Wiring Diagram

I contacted the company that "Poser" had the link to and they said that while they only go up to 71 FJ40's now he would have one out for the 72 in a few weeks. I hope it happens since they are not only easy to understand but also come in poster size for those of us with bad eyes. If other people are interested in these for FJ40's newer than 71's they should contact him so he will know there's an interest in them and make them worth making.
Thanks Poser, i looked at that site and the color would be nice:hmm:, but i was hoping maybe someone had a better resolution version of the 15 pages of diagrams/harnesses in the link from my original post. I found a good clean version of a '71 schematic but there are definite differences.

There are some earlier threads w/ the same questions and it appears that hi-res versions may exist that can be emailed, just hoping to score a copy.

Appreciate the help and feed back
Emailed the company Poser linked to about my 79. Haven't heard back yet, but hopefully this will show him some interest in newer FJ40 diagrams.

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