Bent 8 Inch fixable???

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Mar 26, 2010
Rapid City, SD
so i have a 83 mini truck with a the stock front axle , bad news first broke an outer axle shaft so pulled it apart to fix it or at least to figure out what was broke so i can order parts. so i figured i would stick my old birfield back in to limp it around while i wait on parts( cost of PARTS SUX). well while trying to put my Birf in it kept binding up and could not get it to slide in, figured hammering out would be a bad thing to do with out know splines are lined up or not with my ARB locker in the front axle.

so here is the question finally.....
Can a knuckle Ball be bent back and still be strong enough to 4 wheel with or is it better to start looking for a new axle housing?

any suggestions would be a great

Tyvm for your time
they sell gusset kits for right at the KNUCKLE believe that is were it is bent considering the rest is already Gusseted. also it looks to be bent a little up not backwards
Yeah they gusset from the ball onto the housing. Marlin has a new one that looks pretty sweet. They weld onto the ball in the "V" where the sweeps don't make contact top and bottom.
k so here comes my in experince wih axles coming out, so to try and fix it is better to let a shop try to fix it or should i just use my Plumbers torch and try to get it hot enough and a long cheater bar to stick in tube and try to bend it back down?

sounds kindof redneckish :hillbilly: reading this now but i have no garage or big tools to do it but a concrete drive has done me well so far..... LoL
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fixing 8" front axle

so i decided to just fix my front axle is it really required to have a Knuckle Alignment tool?? figured while i got my front axle tore apart getting fixed time to get all new seals and stuff from one hub to the other. :confused:

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