BEAUTIFUL 1979 FJ55 in Boston A/C "Rust Free"

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United States
1979 FJ55 For Sale

Air conditioning as original option

Dual fuel. Runs on propane and gasoline.

Truck body was restored with metal cut out and new metal welded in. No bondo patches.

Paint very good but has a few runs and some chips. Paint included.

Found one rust spot below the tailgate and just above the bumper. About the size of a silver dollar.

Runs great. sat on a boat for 3 months and fired right up!

new clutch

new clutch master cylinder

new radiator core

new waterpump

Drives very nicely.

Original seats. Back seat excellent, front seat ripped.

Owners manual and original showroom brochure included.

Drums in front. No discs.

Tires good but not great. 50% or so. I'd drive to the store but not to Idaho.

**It is right hand drive BUT I do have people that can get the steering converted over to LHD for reasonable money. I should have a quote tonight.

Think of the cost and pain of restoring a pig and think of the cost of getting the steering swapped over. RHD and basically no rust is a sweet deal.

Valid MA state title should be here Friday.

Goes on eBay next week.

MUD member price $11,000 or best offer.

Call John 617-480-6693 or PM me
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more pics located in DUxbury, MA

more pics

mas picturas
Third picture is the only rot I've found.
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more piks
Just spoke to the guy who does steering swaps. He's going to work up a price and call me back tomorrow night. Should be well under $2K. 55 is a bit more $$$ than a 40 cuz you need a US dashboard replacement.
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Sweet Pig!!!

I'd have to loose the cow herding bumper and the running boards though.:D
Other than that very SWEET!!!
That's one of the cleanest pigs I've seen! Wish I was in the market.
I'd have to loose the cow herding bumper and the running boards though.:D
Other than that very SWEET!!!

the kangaroo crusher is the best part! Running boards gotta go but no time to mess with it.
Forgot too...the engine was rebuilt about 10 years ago. Bodywork and paint 3 years ago. Original color was cygnus white top and baby s*** brown on the bottom. I prefer the blue.
why would you convert it to lhd? if you want lhd, buy a us model. i love it the way it is.
I would never convert it over personally but that is the first question from9 out of 10 people that call me. I'd save the grand an spend it new toys for it. No one ever asks to borrow your truck when it's RHD!
You said it was really nice, and it looks like that's definitely the case. Good luck on the sale.
Not really. I buy and sell cruisers so the scenery in my driveway keeps changing and my wife stays off my balls. I've discussed it with Woody. Check my bank account and you'll see that I'm not much of a businessman...........
Price drop $10K or best
Hot and sexy pig.... just like my ex........
make an offer! GOTTA GO!!!!

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