BBRC Fall Crawl

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Aug 8, 2006
Hey guys just wanted to put the dates out there for this years fall crawl at roush creek sept 24-25th. Hope to see you there.
Great look forward to seeing everyone again this year Landwagon I know you will be there right.
fall crawl time is coming fast hope to see some registations coming in see yall soon.
The raffle prizes are stacking up don't miss out BFG has donated tires I know someone would love a free set of tires any size up to 37" Get those registrations in.
I give up, where do I register??
Tim where is your registration for the fall crawl
Mike whats the plan? you want to caravan up together??? Are you camping??
Well I have been busting it and I finally got the 40 done and its loaded on the trailer ready to go. I will be up there thursday sometime.

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