BBCNN Club to Stampede,Verdi PK. etc with Toytally Awesome Cruisers a TLCA club. Camping Sat. night

Mar 6, 2010
Reno, NV
Looks like we bailed before the best part of the trip. My pick up would have been touch and go on that crossing. Probably would have done the bypass. Thanks for the pictures of our beautiful hills. Nice to meet the Totally Awesome Cruisers. Nice campsite.
Yeah the best parts of the trials were through Meadow Valley, Long Valley, and Dog Valley for sure. There were a few other places along the way where I wondered if you'r longer wheelbase would have have been ok. We had to thread the needle through some pretty right tree groupings in a few spots and there was a moderate amount of pin stripping too.

There are miles and miles more trails up there that I want to explore, so hopefully you and others will get a chance to see all the beauty up there.
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