Bay Area- Micrometer? anyone got one?

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....back in the saddle again....
Sep 29, 2004
Truckee, CA
hey all

I need a micrometer to measure 6 valve shims
probably take about 10 minutes, maybe 15, tops.

Anybody have one handy that I can borrow for a few minutes? I'll pull the shims and bring them... the micrometer will never leave your workshop.

I just don't want to spend $100 on a tool that I'm not likely to need very often.

I'm in Menlo Park, fwiw.
You might want to specify the size you're looking for, for example 0 - 1 inch
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Does it have to be a micrometer? I have a few, I just haven't calibrated them in a long time. I have some dial calipers, a Starret and a digital Mitituyo.
from the FSM:
Shims are available in twenty sizes in increments of 0.05 mm (0.0020 in.),
from 2.35 mm (0.0925 in.) to
3.30 mm (0.1299 in.)

so I guess I just need to be able to measure the thickness of the old shims in order to determine the thickness that I need on the new shims. Any tool that can accurately differentiate between .0020 in is "good enough" for this job.

I only said micrometer because I heard that was the way to go. If something else works, I'm happy to use that instead!

Of course, now I also need to figure out what tool to use to get the shims out (and in). FSM calls for a special service tool, but I'm reluctant to pay for toyota quality in something that I may use very very infrequently.
I've got a digital caliper here in Cupertino, good to 0.0005". Could bring it to work too (Palo Alto).
thanks, amaurer
I need to find the valve tool first :(
this "easy" job is turning out to be not so easy. Don't they all? :)
I had valve shims on my VW diesel engine. The shims were etched with the thickness. Still, you had to take them out to read the thickness.
No clue what your working on...but ya shims will sometimes be marked...those marks can wear off though. On dirtbikes we use a magnet to lift the bucket off and it will usually pull the shim with it.
working on an 1hd toyota diesel.
from what I read, the shims aren't marked, which is too bad
I wonder if it would hurt anything to engrave them before reinstallation...
I have a shop in pleasanton, give me a call, what ever you need


I've got one you can use here at my shop in Menlo Park right off Marsh Rd.

Just shoot me your e-mail.
thanks, guys
I'm in Carmel for a week, but will be in touch
my email is easy: steve @ sandcruiser
just walk in an autozone throw your junk down on the bench and ask them to borrow theres if you cannot find one. They keep 2 or 3 behind the counter
good tip on autozone.
I'd guess Napa is probably also an option.

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