Basic replacement of OEM jute under Carpet

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Jun 6, 2007

I am looking for replacing the OEM jute under the carpet.
I am not looking for improving the overall sound deadening, and I do not want to glue anything on the floor metal either, as I like to spot rust or cracks when they appears ;)

But I am looking for
- something that will not trap water like standard jute
- that I will glue to the back of the OEM carpet
- about 1/2" thick like the original jute

Now I am confused with the various solutions I saw in the various sound deadening threads...
Some are replacing by heat insulation material (like SS heatwave), some by sound deadening material (like Dynamat dynaliner), some by single layer closed cell foam....

For a basic OEM jute replacement, what would you recommend ?

A 'jute-like' underlay is getting harder to find as most go for a better heat/sound product like Dynamat. However, any impervious underlay is a potential moisture trap.

Years back I used an automotive-specific 'únderfelt' which was treated so it wouldn't rot or smell if damp. Like this: Plushlay -

Nowadays something like this polyester underlay is probably a better solution. Auto Underlay - (it's not rubber despite the text). I'm sure you could source something better/cheaper in the US.

Also browse through some of the online marine suppliers.
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