BAMA Crusher’s GX470

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Dec 29, 2013
North Alabama
After having a Land Cruiser for a couple of years, I needed to do some maintenance and maybe some mods. I wanted to do the work myself if I could, but I needed a backup ride. I decided on a GX, and started my search. I took a chance and bought one out of Florida without seeing it in person. Then the bug bit me, I couldn’t leave it stock. This is the day it shipped to me.
The first thing I wanted to do was a baseline of regular maintenance. Then the problems started rolling in.

The first thing on the list was timing belt, but before it got started this happened...
Then the threads to the tensioner pulled out with the bolt from the oil pump. After a couple of attempts to re-thread, things escalated quickly!
I finally got a chance to start doing things more interesting. It was time for a lift. OME Springs and Bilstein shocks, and a Metal Tech spring conversion. A set of 4Runner Snowflake wheels and 285/70/17 BFG KO2ks to finish it off. I couldn’t get it leveled like I wanted, even after adjusting the coil-overs to the lowest setting. In hindsight I should have went with the SSO spring conversion. This is the way it was.
I liked the wheels and tires, but it wasn’t what I really wanted. Let the research begin.....I decided on a set of Stelth Custom Series SR8’s in dark bronze. No complaints on the BFG’s, in fact they rode great. I just wasn’t quite satisfied with how they filled out the wheel wells. 305/70/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers were the solution. So after test fit, cut, trim, repeat I finally felt like....this is exactly what I was thinking when I started. On a side note, the folks at my local Discount Tire were amazing. I was in the auto service industry for about 10 years, and these guys knew how to take care of business. I don’t think I will go anywhere else for my tire work. Here it is now.
Damn! All this in one day? JK

You got skill to be doing all those repairs yourself.

Anyways, it looks awesome on those big fat tires.
Looking good, roll tide!

I agree.. and to add to this, I think the snowflake wheels look very "Vanilla," at least on a Blizzard Pearl GX

Now, colored/painted/plasti-dipped? That statement may change.
i hope you reinforced the exhaust manifold while it was out!! they are prone to cracking.....
Do I detect the Discount Tire on 72? I grew up a few miles from there, man do I miss Rosie’s Cantina. Rig is looking good!
I just bought one of these last week from a guy in Huntsville. Looks just like yours and I also plan to one day do the same thing you're doing to yours. I love the bronze wheels. Mine needs a timing belt.

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