baja bug Mass. to Co.

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Aug 21, 2007
Hi ,I need a baja bug transported to Colorado from Mass.I have had this bug stored for 25 yrs in my parents garage.They are moving and i need to move it.Any offers or ideas appreciated.
It is in s. dartmouth which is near new bedford.I do not have pictures riht now.It has not moved in 25 years and is covered in 25 years of dust.I could describe it more if interested .It was painted right before I stored it.It has lots of new nice parts.The bug is a project with alot of potential.
Thanks ,I will see if I can figure something out for trailer.sent you a p.m.
I only have a couple of weeks.I can arrange for it to be looked at.I think it is in good shape for age.It would be excelent platform for project.It is all there just been sitting.So it will need to be gone through and finnished.

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