Bad Wobble

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Dec 31, 2006
Elizabethtown Pa
Went wheeling at paragon got on 81 got up to 45mph and it started to have a bad vibration feels like rear , it gets worse when i am at that speed and let off gas everything seems to be tight, u-joints are good all boltz are tight i did knock my drive shaft pretty good but it doesn't look like it is bent it is dinged real hard and scared any ideas
i hope it is nothing related to diffs or t-case but it is only at high speeds i did some crazy blue trails at the offroad park i aired down weights could have fell off but don't see where they could have
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just went out looked underneath , the rear driver wheel has a nick on inner side and one of the weights are pryed up i think i am going to put spare on to see if it changes it dirve shaft appears not to be missing any weights
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