Bad signs from wheel bearings and spindle?

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Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles
Pulled the hub today and noticed some wear on spindle and outer wheel bearing. I'm also seeing some wear on the inner half of the PS tire. Alignment is good. Thrust washer looks odd as well, yes? And finally, this side was pretty much all moly grease with very little red mobil 1 synthetic that I used. Other side had plenty of red mobil 1 synth.

Two questions:
1) Is this bearing/spindle/thrust washer looking ok?
2) If not, could this explain my odd tire wear on that size?

It looks like there is some wear on the spindle and the thrust washer. The bearing does not appear to have any wear at all on the face where the writing is so I think that the wear to the spindle and the thrust washer occured before the latest set of wheel bearings was fitted on that side.

If the wheel aligment including camber is ok then the bearings are not the cause of the tyre wear.

I have a thrust washer that looks the same. A wheel bearing collapsed completely on a long trip and I had to do a wheel bearing replacement on the side of the road.

As long as the bearing inner race is a snug fit on the spindsle things should be OK. If it is not nice and snug then you will either need to have it repaired (metal sprayed and machined) or replace the spindle. You should pick up a new thrust washer just to have a new one in there.

The moly grease gets to that bearing throught the inside of the spindle tube. Not really a big deal as grease is grease although moly is not recommended for wheel bearings.

You might want to drop the spindle off (only 8 bolts IIRC) and see if you have birf soup in the housing.


Hard to tell from the pic, how bad is the is the groove on the spindle? are you able to set and maintain preload?
My spindle had a barely decernable groove, I could feel it wth my fingernail, maybe 1/10 of a millimeter.
I repacked my bearings set the preload and its stil good after 5k
The worst looking part is the where the inner bearing seats against the spindle.
The outer bit looks OK, and the thrust washer looks OK.
I'd see how getting the preload goes, and then come back to it after some road miles and check it again.
Getting preload was ok. Nice and tight now. I dont know if its coincidence or not, but I was getting a "pulse" when braking warped rotors. Thats gone now. I wasnt expecting that.

Edge is very shallow, can feel it with my fingernail, but its not too bad. I'm going to check preload again in a 1K miles or so and make sure its staying snug.

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