Bad day for me

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Dec 1, 2006
Well.......The is going to be a short hold up on my build....
Lady cut across a 4lane 4way intersection and i hit her doing about 40mph and spun me around so fast it ended up going down on the drivers side. Im ok, sore and alittle cut and shes ok as well. As always, glad nobody was hurt badly. But it still sucks!!!!

Ahhh man, that sucks Martin, but at least youre alright. The truck looks like it held up pretty good all things considered. Hopefully the lady has good insurance. Let me know If I can be of any help.
Ouch, Sorry to hear about that. Glad everyone is OK though. On the bright side, you get a new paint job, it looks like to me it affected several other parts of the cruiser as well. ;) Insurance might need to fork out for an engine rebuild, bigger tires, a new MAF rear bumper, and a new radio. The force of the impact affected its tuning ability.
Dang Martin, very sorry to hear this - but at least you're ok.

Looks like most of that will buff out. ;)

Was this around NCSU?
yeah, right near you joe
I was coming down avent ferry and she was in the turn lane to turn onto varsity to centennial campus and she pulled right out in front at the last minute and i hit her passenger side front and i ended up spining around 180 and laying it down on the divers side, she said she never saw me (how?!?). I was laying in the middle of that intersection at 12noon today. figured i would see you.
Dang martin, sorry to hear this however glad your alright.

So you going to fix it after GSMTR?

Let us know if there's anything we can do, if you need my 40 let me know, she's not beautiful but she'll get you around.
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Wow, hate to hear that and see a nice 40 damaged but glad you made it out OK!
I am glad you are ok. I would start collecting receipts and data on the value of your 40 (unless you know someone in the insurance business). Or unless you had the bad boy insured for a certain value like $30k or so.
That sucks man! I hope she has good insurance, and they cover the amount you'll need to fix it right. That's a good looking Cruiser!
Crap Martin, had I known I would have been out there. I frickin' hate driving around that area, too many knuckleheads.

If there's anything at all I can do to help you out, please let me know.

You walked away, which is a good thing. That is so very sad about your awesome 40 though. :(
It hurts to see such a nice 40 totaled. :frown: Your Cruiser can rebuilt..... You can't be.

Glad to here that you weren't hurt. :beer:

Keep your chin up! We'll get her good as new, maybe even better! :)
Saw your post on the main board! Tough luck! Looks like you'll be hosting some HAMOMs! ;)

Glad you didn't get hurt!!
Just shows you how tough Cruisers are...
Glad you're OK, shame you don't have pictures of the other car. I'm sure it looked worse...
Sorry to hear and see that. Glad you are ok though.

You never know. It could be saved.

Threre seems to be a lot of frames out there for sale on the cheap. Who knows maybe you will end up with a free ride out of the deal and a new ride.
Glad to see no one was hurt.

WOW..........Sorry to hear that!
That was a great cruiser...

I hope you can rebuild it soon. Glad you are OK
wow, clean 40!

hope it restores even better...

Im in your area (sort of) if you need anything

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