backspacing hype

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Feb 9, 2002
me and my buddy got to noticing that his stock rims let his hubs stick out about an inch.  my not stock rims (on it when i got it though) stick out about an inch past my hubs.  obviously i have more (or less because i don't know which is which) backspacing than he does, and i've never had any problems with everything.
i have however noticed that many people seem to swear up and down about some exact number that should never be compromised.
mine is 72 fj40, his is 77 fj40
any thoughts or advice?
3.5" is the stock back spacing, some 3.75" back spaced wheels will fit without a spacer, with the 3.75's it depends on how the wheel is made, what often interfers is the "D" cut outs that have a lip that is bent toward the inside.....these will hit the caliper(but grinding can fit this) Some of the 3.75" wheels are flat on the "D" cut outs.....these are more likely to not hit the calipers.

Also his stock wheels are 5.5" I would guess yours are 8" wide(maybe even 10") so that also effects how far out the edge of the wheels stick out.

John H
the interference on a drum front axle and a disc front axle is also different.
so the higher number means the inside of the wheel gets closer or farther to the... center of the axle?
so the higher number means the inside of the wheel gets closer or farther to the... center of the axle?

No, it's the distance from the back mounting surface of the wheel and the inside of the wheel. More backspacing and the wheel sticks in toward the center of the truck farther. Whether you get rubbing has partly to do with backspacing but also can be influenced by the shape of the inside of the wheel.
I know I should not go over 3.5" BS, but could I go under, parsay 3.0" to gain a little wider stance and hence stability?
PLENTY of folks run spacers and/or 2" BS wheels to gain width and stability, myself included. (1.5" bolt-on spacers on 15x10, 3.5" BS wheels)

It can affect your turning some, make bumps grab the wheels more, etc... but mine is a trail rig, although after the SOA, and setting caster at 5*, it drives very well on the road...

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