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Jun 21, 2012
Does anyone know if a Disco has basically yota axles that are just offset to the passenger side? Would they be worth a crap to use for a single seat rear engine buggy?
The LR diff is a non-hypoid design, so gear set choices are poor (and expensive). If you get much higher than a 4.10, the ratio of teeth between ring gear and pinion make them weak by design. Factory half shafts are not the best either. You would need to go to an aftermarket shaft as well (more money).

Don't ask me how I know..... ;)
The aftermarket shafts are not a suprise. i was planning on replacing them anyway. im not familiar with the stregnth of non hypoid differentials. I'm planning on running a 4.11 ratio or something close. should i just look for yota axles ?:confused:
thanks for the info. hopefully there will be a build thread to follow.
i just got off of the phone with keith and basically they will never last with a 39" tire. they are very weak. on to find two steering yota axles.
. on to find two steering yota axles.

Which are also going to be somewhat marginal with 39" tires. Once you upgrade to Longfield 30-spline super sets, the pinion shafts will be the weak point.

Have you figured out how you're going to get the diffs on the same side and get them rotating the way you want?
You are still headed the wrong direction with yota axles if you want rear steer. You are going to need a dana 60 minimum. full 35 spline, big joints and preferably with aftermarket knuckles and Cs. Yota axles are just barely up to the job of dealing with 39" tires in a normal front steer only setup, with all the bells and whistles thrown at them.
i will look into the 60's but was thinking they should hold up being that it will only be a single seat and civic 4 cyl. power and hopefully only weigh in the mid 2,000 lb range.
Toy parts should hold up in that case. Look up "low budget pimping" on pirate, he did what you are planning :beer:
thats exactly where i got the idea and very much like what i am wanting to build. i just figured if it works for him it should work for me too.
Even in a 2K rig. A front toy axle in the rear is asking for trail repairs...

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