Axle Rebuild begins with degreasing fail

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Ramble Tamble
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May 17, 2007
Wheeler and I are rebuilding his '85 Toyota P/U front axle. (Wheeler is my son.)

I had this bright idea that I'd buy a plastic tub and some high strength degreaser and we'd do it ourselves.

Gumpta seems to be greater than this biodegradable degreaser I got at Harbor Fright! I think generally, biodegradeable means low-strength.
Truck 001.jpg
More parts waiting to be degreased.
Truck 007.jpg
We spent two hours scratching and scrubbing on the knuckles and the backers and they are still pretty bad. I think I'll run all the parts down to the brake shop tomorrow and have 'em hot-tanked.
bah biodegradable... go buy yourself like 4 cans of supertech brake cleaner from walmart and it'll get that grease out... and you get high as a bonus! :lol:

anyway, the rest of the stuff you're trying to remove is rust, and nothing will take it off unless you either grind it off or you put it into an electrolysis tank... but it removes all paint and plating... so unless you're planning to repaint some of those parts, don't bother... not worth the trouble
I muddled thru it with more degreaser and some brake cleaner.

I've done a few Cruiser axles, so I should know it all by now, but I always underestimate how messy this job is! Used dozens of rags and shop towels, plus many pairs of disposable gloves!

The parts are all clean now, well, they're as clean as they're gonna get, and I even pounded in all the races.

On now to packing birfs and bearings with grease.
Wait till momma leaves, put them in the dishwasher.
yeah, I always dread packing bearings... I'm glad all of my toyotas and two mazdas have sealed bearings :D

if I owned a vehicle that requires packing bearings, I'd seriously invest in a bearing packing tool.... worth the money over the immense mess!
Here's some parts waiting to go back on.
Truck2 005.jpg
I always love knuckle reseal jobs. I think I use more shop towels on one reseal job than I do in two weeks of regular work. :D
Rigger dude! Hows it goin;? Glad to see you have Jr. a Toy rig. Hows your 40 runnin'?

I broke down and bought a cheap parts washer and solvent. It's been worth every penny too! Specially when cleaning off Birf-Soup!!! ;)

Spray some Easy Off oven cleaner on them and let them sit for 10 minutes. Then pressure spray them off. Repeat if there is thick buildup of sludge that it can't cut all the way through.
Hey TRoss, all good here. How's by you? I have had the '40 in storage for the winter. 'Bout time to roll him back out!

toyminator, that's a good suggestion. On the next one for sure.

The boy and I got it all back together tonight. It runs good.
I love my parts washer. I just brush off the big chunks and drop the parts in. If it's not clean after a day I just leave it in a little longer... Beats using your wife's tooth brush!

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