Auxiliary lights behind grill

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Oct 26, 2010
Has anybody mounted driving lights behind the grill? I have a 2000 cruiser.
Not sure there is enough depth behind the grill to fit a light. If one does, it would have to be a very flat light which would probably cause it to be a flood/proximity light. I'm sure that's not what you want and would prefer more of a spot light with more throw.
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Yes. I did. Small Hella pencilbeams. I think they were called just "Hella Micro". Here's a pic:

I've also seen LED's behind the lower grille.
Well since we're talking about grilles, does anybody like the mesh style? There's a 4runner near me that has it and it looks badass.

Pic for reference:

If you did this you could make some sort of mount to put a light bar flush with the grille. And I feel like it could look really good on the hundy.
I thought about cutting out the section behind where the front plate mounts with a Dremel and mounting a 31" bar in there. The laws aren't strict about having front plates here. Has anyone done this yet?

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