Auto transmission with B3

Sep 7, 2017
Islamabad, Pakistan
I am running a toyota B3 engine in my chinese jeep bj 212 with a manual 5 speed transmission. The transmission is from a newer model prado tz alligned with the front diff on the left the tube, and rear in the center with all 2h, 4h and 4L mechanically operated and no electronics.
I want to keep the B3 but with an auto transmission. The original 4 or 5 speed auto transmissions of a b3 has come with the front shaft on right so can i fix the auto speed transmission with the existing 4x4 transmission by adding a plate with the speed gear and 4x4 gear housing?
Also do we have any other option of any automatic transmission for a 3b with the front shaft on the left and rear in the center? Remember i need one with all three 4x4 positions to be operated mechanically.
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