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Jun 15, 2008
Anyone know anywhere in brisbane-gold coast area qld where i can get my auto box changed to manual..very keen to do it as i miss manual much do ou reckon it would cost?

Thanks heaps
Mar 17, 2016
Hi esp.
Thi was a long time ago though did you ever get the conversion done?
Im looking into doing the same thing
Jul 8, 2011
I'm also trying to do similarly. I've reconditioned an H55F gearbox (ex 1985 BJ73) myself, have an H/D clutch (Terrain Tamer) etc, and have been waiting for more than a year chasing up a 13B-T flywheel. Mine's a 1986 so it is the red-motor (6-bolt crankshaft). I have tailshafts from a BJ73 manual that a mate gave me (I'm presuming that they are slightly different). Picked up a power-assist clutch ex BJ74 (different to a BJ73) for a modest figure, and have clutch lines etc. So, really only a flywheel that is holding me back. Never liked the auto A440F. Heavy (in weight) and once the third-gear clutch let go, that was the end for that oil-slusher. I've rung around Australia many times (> 100 wreckers) put ads up on, Gumtree and have tried in Japan and the Philippines ad nauseam. I could use a 3B flywheel (260mm clutch face compared to 275mm for a 13B-T flywheel), and I know that some people have, but I am sticking to my quest. Outwardly, the dimensions of the 3B are similar to the 13B-T flywheel (110 teeth, 33cm diameter to the outside of the ring gear), really only the larger clutch face is the difference. Thought about machining a 2H flywheel (108 teeth and same diameter ring gear. Starter gear on the starter motor is the same gear for both a 2H and 13B-T but concerns about the relative offset of the flywheel worried me, and the notion of actually machining out the centre of the flywheel to make it fit the 13B-T crankshaft (the 6-bolts are all in the same location) kept me awake thinking of a flywheel disintegrating and flying through the (ally) bellhousing and firewall and into my feet.

You made some reference to cost in your earlier post. I bought an H55F from the Gold Coast ($100) and had it shipped to Adelaide ($60.00), costing me a total of $160.00. Seal and bearing kit for the gearbox around $350.00. Clutch for BJ74 around $50.00 with a kit for $25.00. Terrain Tamer clutch kit (new) for BJ74 I saw at auction, by coincidence, which cost me $30.00 complete. But where is the flywheel?????

Interestingly, Toyota Australia haven't had the flywheel on their books for 18 years (PART NUMBER 13405-58010 (10/1985 – 05/1987) REPLACED BY 13405-58011 (05/1987 – 08/1988)

And on the quest goes!!

Haven't progressed much over the last year. Disappointing to get so close, but I'm not giving up. There must be a flywheel somewhere. Interestingly, some 13B-T motors found their way into Dynas (BU85-T) mid-to-late eighties, and a few Coasters & Daihatsu Deltas but mostly they weren't turboed so they used the 3B flywheel. I'm told that private imports were occasionally turboed so they'd be the motors to seek out. Note: 13B, and 14B (non-turbo) both use the 3B flywheel.

I'll have to adapt the BJ73 manual gearbox support (different location to the auto box) which involves welding brackets to the chassis to support the manual bracket, but that isn't a difficulty.

Anyway, that's it for now. Any suggestions as regards where to acquire a 13B-T flywheel would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Apr 2, 2008
Any suggestions as regards where to acquire a 13B-T flywheel would be greatly appreciated.
BJ73 was sold in Japan iirc. You could check Yahoo! Auctions Japan?

I currently see 3 Cruiser flywheels on Y!J Auctions but no 13B-T.フライホイール+ランクル&aq=-1&oq=&x=0&y=0&ei=UTF-8&slider=0&tab_ex=commerce&auccat=0

I can also try to ask my dealer in Tokyo for the part? I sort of doubt it would be that easy...

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