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May 20, 2007
Buford, GA
Hello everyone. Im new to the Georgia Landcruiser forum.

I'll give you a quick run down on what my dad and I have and how things are going.

Last May we got a 66" Fj-40.
We are doing a frame off restoration.
-So far the frame has been sandblasted / cleaned with por-15's metal ready / coated with por - 15 / then coated with por-15's black chassi.
-The axles have been cleaned up and preped with metal ready and painted with por-15.
-We have been cleaning up and using to por-15 to paint few smaller thing such as : Gastank, straps for the gas tank, hood hinges ect..

-Next we have to sand blast the tub / hood / fender flares.

- Rebuild break lines

-And a few other things

[ I want to get her up and runig a.s.a.p ]

Oh* another thing. I need help tracking parts down.

Especially a windshield frame.

Any people around Atlanta that can help that would be awesome!

Also what are your oppinions of SOR & CCOT?

Welcome to the madness!
Make sure to be at the next meeting...
Madness What Madness??????
Enjoy. The beauty of the earily trucks is that they are so simple that if you take your time it is hard to mess anything up.
Welcome! But......No, there is not alot of MADNESS.....accept for FJCRUZR(Sylvane)....I guess he is kinda ONE STEP BEYOND.......:grinpimp:

tONy :cheers:

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