For Sale ATL: Rust Bucket LX at Mercedes of Marietta (1 Viewer)

Feb 20, 2020
Vehicle Model
  1. LX570
30068 Marietta Georgia, United States
I thought i had finally found my black LX close by but I sure am glad that I didnt waste time by going in and looking at it.


Initially no carfax and no photos listed of course, then when I ask for photos i get the used car salesman pitch trying to get me to come in and how it was owned by an old couple who were doctors.

I insisted on the photos of the frame rails, the carfax, and an invoice for the out the door price signed by a sales manager.

I first get the invoice, which was $1500 higher not including sales tax and TAVT, and not signed by a sales manager, along with another request to come in to the dealer.

I once again insisted on the photos, and received a few lazy photos of the hood and the drivers seat.

Ignored the nonsense and put in another request for photos of the frame rails.

Finally got some, and i can see why they were fighting tooth and nail to not send any over.




My lack of further correspondence prompted the sales manager who couldnt be bothered to sign my invoice to contact me and ask if I was still interested because "IT WONT LAST THROUGH THE WEEKEND!!"

I told him that nobody is going to pay for that rust bucket unless they are stupid enough to purchase without an inspection, and that he might want to send it up north where the rust might not matter as much, and wished him good luck with the sale.

It has been a week since this exchange, its still here in the south, listed for $3000 more than when i first contacted them, with every angle of the vehicle photographed except for the car cancer on the frame rails of course.

I guess they had to recoup for getting their official Mercedes-Benz windbreaker on the icky floor to take 3 photos.

Just wanted to post this so that nobody wastes their time on this one.

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