Asian Hub Problems

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Nov 23, 2006
Hi All, not been on the boards much latley. Been working on my little import car, spending lots of time at

Anyways went down to toledo couple of days ago and snaged a pair of asian manual hubs off of a ifs T100. This is for my 4runner, switching from ADD to manual asians. Some of you many remember the thread I started about this about a month ago.

Anyways when I was working at the junk yard the dial cap came off but the hub clutch was stuck inside. I managed to get all the parts and said i would fix it later. Well I made some progress tonight, but when I went to put them on my truck I found out that the hubs will work fine in the free position. Next I put them in LOCK and they appear to be working. Now if you go to put them back in FREE, they stay LOCKED. One of them will not retract to free.

They have rebuild kits for many things, like LC knuckles, is there an asian hub rebuild kit?

I bet 2nd gen fan knows.

I need to know where to get the kit from.

thanks, nate
Well, I'm sure CruiserDan can get you the parts you need, there are only a few replaceble parts in the hub, the gasket that goes on with the dial part, and the O ring in the dial part that seals the turning dial (Maybe one or 2 other things...)..... Everything else is steel or maybe aluminum (sp?) I'd pull the two dial sections out and compare, if one's working and the other is not.... They are tricky little things to get put back together the right way.
Up here in Montana our aisan hubs won't unlock when it gets real cold. I learned that I have to use thinner lube because the standard issue grease gets so thick the return springs can't pull the inner ring back out to the unlock position. I clean them up real good in the fall and use a bit of gear oil on them. Seems to do the trick.

Probably isn't your problem, but it goes to show if your hubs are gummed up at all they won't unlock very well. I tend to grease things up to much when I put them back together, which was probably my real issue with the cold hubs.
when I went to the junk yard to pull the hubs the caps did not come off very easily. Had to pull so hard the spring must have popped out of its spot. I though it would have snapped, then I would be in a rear mess. But I took apart and now everything works great. CV's should last alot longer.

2gen fan, thanks a million for the detailed thread, I printed the hole thing and took it out to my shop for a reference.:)

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