ARB Sahara Bullbar question.

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May 25, 2005
North Shore
Just picked up my first 100.
It came with the Sahara ARB, but a gaping hole where a winch should be. Question is, do I have to remove this sucker completely to install a winch? Or can I sneak it in through the top?

On my 60 series I was able to undo the top 2 bolts and rotate the bullbar forward. Anyone install a winch with the Sahara on the truck?

I'm looking at a Vr10000.

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I think you have to remove the bar
You have to remove the bumper. It's not really that tough of a job. Just remove the outer skin piece, not the winch/frame mount. I just installed an Engo EPF12000S on my Sahara... it works very well.
Thanks guys. Yes I noticed today after removing the cover on top that she has to be removed.
I think Ill invite a buddy over and get my hydraulic jack ready :)

Next issue is that my hawse fairlead for synth line won't work: too inset into bumper. Might have to dig out my roller fairlead and install some delrin rollers.
You could fabricate some spacers quite easily and buy longer bolts, unless you'd prefer a roller. As for the bumper removal, you wont need a jack. The bumper component unbolts easily with 4 bots (make sure you unhook lighting first). Then it will rest on the winch mount relatively easily. It doesn't weigh much and can be easily lifted off by a single person .
Good to hear. It looks heavy. I see 3 bolts on each side? I also found the instructions online and they talk about clocking the motor so that the clutch lever is easier to access. On my winch (XRC) the lever is right on top, I'm not sure why you'd clock it?

I think I will go with the rollers as I'd prefer not to space out the fairlead that much - worked well on my 60 - had to drill extra holes in the fairlead for the line to clear the bullbar though, PITA.
Thanks for the tips.
I have delrin rollers and they work well
On my Engo I didn't' need to clock the motor to re-position the clutch lever, but the clearance is pretty decent on my winch/bumper combo. If your winch motor housing is much bigger you may have to re-position the clutch lever, but I'd hazard a guess that you won't need to. Looks like you picked up a pretty sweet winch!
Thanks for the reply. Yeah it seems that with that top cover off, there's plenty of room to reach in through that window up top. I'm usually a WARN guy, but the new Gen 2 XRC 9500 came with synth line ($300CDN on its own), a nice hook and a sweet hawse fairlead all for $580 CDN, half the price of the Warn VR1000 - the budget one. The shop I deal with supplied some nice machined spacers for me to space the fairlead away from the mount a bit, so rubbing on the bullbar should not be an issue. Cheers.

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