April Wheeling - 1st Annual "Crawlin' for Marlin" Memorial Trail Ride

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Jan 31, 2021
Brooklyn, NY
Hey all! As you may have heard, Marlin Czajkowski the owner of Marlin Crawler, passed away yesterday, March 9th, 2023.
He has been credited with the being the father of rock crawling and specifically had a love and passion for Toyotas.

He was a true genius. an innovator in the sport of the rock crawling and a staple of the Toyota off-road community for a very long time.
Marlin Crawler is coming up on their 30 year anniversary next year and it is extremely sad to hear of the passing of such a legend! R.I.P. Marlin, you will be missed!

@Pacer and I have decided it was only right to dedicate the April trail run to Marlin and make it a yearly event moving forward. The purpose of this trail ride is to honor and pay our respects to such a great man and the activity that we all love so much, which he spearheaded w/ such fierce tenacity.

It's very fitting that we decided to name this event "Carwlin' for Marlin" - please see the details below for the event info.


1st Annual Keystone Cruisers "Crawlin' for Marlin" Memorial Trail Ride

DATE: Saturday, April 22th
VENUE: Raush Creek Offroad Park - $65 park entry fee + $50 annual park membership fee (only if you do not already a 2023 membership)
TIME: Arrival - 8am / Wheels up - 9am

HIGHLY SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT : Skid Plates, Rock Sliders, 33in Tires w/ C or E Load rating and 1x GSMR Radio per vehicle

This event is family friendly and is open to anyone who would like to come enjoy a day of wheeling and pay homage to the father of rock crawling. We will stop mid day for a group lunch on the trail, please bring a packed lunch. As things progress and we get closer to the date if the weather seems like it will have a negative effect on the experience we will discuss pushing the date.

Please leave a comment below if you plan to attend so we can get an idea of how many people will be coming. We will put together a list of all attendees and periodically update it during the coming weeks. If you decide at any point you wont be able to make it just drop a note in the comment section below.

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I met Marlin several times years ago and was in the shop more than once when I lived in Fresno/Clovis. Great man, honest, charismatic in his own way, generous and helpful to anyone who needed a hand on the trails or off. His son Big Mike is a good guy too. I wish the family and business the best, they were and are an awesome group.

I should be able to come.
Are you aware this is the Saturday of Easter weekend? I'd love to attend not sure if I can get away that day, though.
I wheeled with Marlin at Cruise Moab in 2017 and have a Marlin Crawler Toybox in my 40!!!!!

@shmukster To be honest I don't think either of us took that into consideration, since the 2nd weekend of the month is usually the go to weekend for Keystone wheeling trips we just stuck w/ that protocol when initially planning this.

Hope you are able to make it! Would be great to see you there.

If this turns out to be an issue for others as well we will consider pushing to an earlier date of 3/1 or later date of 3/15.
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Hey all figured I would check in here to see who is planning on coming to this?

Based on the comments above it seems like @FuglyYota and @surfishjoe should able to make it.

If you are planning to come please confirm by leaving a comment below so we can get and accurate head count, hoping to get a solid crew together for this one!

As of today the weather for Saturday, April 8th @ Rausch is showing 40% chance of early morning rain but it should be overcast the rest of the day. We'll see how this pans out over the next week, hopefully the rain will dissipate completely.
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I’m trying. I need to get trailer brakes / tow rig controller 100% resolved this weekend or I’ll have to push, and I don’t have the rig back together or a new skid plate made from raising the belly. That’s doable if I can get trailer brakes sorted, but I’ll say I’m 50/50 at the moment.

I’ll know more Sunday.
I am not ready just yet, did a few things with Rich but didn't get to E locker.
This weekend isn’t going to work for several reasons. Either the 15th or the 29th of April will be my free weekends so far.

I might be up for a re-shakedown run to the pine barrens where I can drive the rig there Saturday AM. But towing at the moment is out. I might take a buddy with his new to him JK on 35’s to let him put it in 4wd in the dirt for the first time.
@surfishjoe @FuglyYota copy you guys!

It seems that given the lack of responses here this coming Saturday the 8th is not good for anyone, that said let's officially push this to Saturday April 15th!

Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to make it who was not free due it being Easter weekend.
@GX DAVE Great idea!

I'm in for the 15th!
Sadly my rig probably won’t be ready. Hoping to order my lift and tires this week but still gotta find time to put them in along with my LBJ’s and Tundra brakes.
Hope everyone had a great Easter! 🐰

I got my diff skid painted and installed this weekend so I'm officially ready to rock.

Seems that as of now it's just going to be @Crusha and I this Saturday. Let me know if anyone else plans to join us!
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Well, it seems that thunderstorms will be raining on our parade this weekend...

So I've decided to officially push this once again to next Saturday 4/22, which also happens to be Earth Day!

Hopefully the 3rd time's the charm, let me know if this frees up availability for anyone, the more the merrier!

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