April Meeting: Casey's Pub

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Jul 2, 2002
Just a reminder that the meeting is next Monday. 7:30pm. See you there. Hopefully Jessica/Clayton can make it. We have several new members to vote on.
will be there
Do I still have time to send bribes up your way?
Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Casey's Pub, 7:30PM Monday April 7, 2008.

Those in attendance: Deny, Hayley, Jim, Charla, Buck, Howard and Lindsay

-Voting in new members worldwide.
-Vice Primemooster savagly declared that "somebody's not getting in"
-Applications were reviewed and the voting was as follows:

[votes for:votes against]
gladly - [6:1] gladly
Bull - [5:2] We'll take him by the horns
ginericlc - [6:1] rumericle
greg_B - [7:0] club discount ;)
Rock Doc - [3:4], had a few more beers revoted [4:3]
Shaker - [4:3] baker
lowenbrau - [3:3] only got in because the waitress voted for him
cruiserfetish.com - [6:1] sounds dirty
taupo4x4 - [7:0] Go All blacks!
ngiri - [7:3] can crotch a beer in reverse

Skegretary notes that everyone got in. :cheers:

-Discussed winterizing tips for diesels, (yes its still winter up here)

-Voted for fundraising for a Swamp Donkey flag before Pismo Beach event this year, by bottle drives

-Discussed purchasing a FJ55 to create the "Swamp Donkey Bogger" for local mud events, however there was some confusion with the bogger boots sold at the gun show. In the end, club not sure if they can make the $200 entry fee to the mud events. :doh: But may still create the papermache antlers at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned when the Primemooster had to go back to work. The diesel engines purred as the members ended their night, however one engine sounded a few too many hp more than the rest.:beer:
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:pI think ther was to be a vot on which logo to use, i vote for origainal.
Jim, I started a poll for you.

Thanks for posting the minutes. Reading them brought back so many wonderful memories!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Voted for fundraising for a Swamp Donkey flag before Pismo Beach event this year said:
This one needs clarification. I believe it was decided that we all need to have more parties so we can get bottle/can money that way. Specifically, Deny needs to hold more kegger's - well, maybe not kegger's as I'm sure there's much less bottles and cans left over.....but you get the idea.:cheers:
5:2 Woo hoo!

Alright who voted against.. :flipoff2:

I don't think anyone voted against, Lindsay just made those #s up. I dont think anyone was voted against and I am pretty sure we wern't voting on Bruce, as he is one of the few that are members for life.


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