Anyone know what this is?

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Apr 6, 2007
Under the hood
I was visiting family out-of-state last week and my wife decided to do some shopping. She ended up buying more than would fit in the van for the ride home, so I capitalized on it and bought a trailer frame 'to haul everything home in'. I was wanting one anyway, so this was a good oppty.

Now that I have it though, I have no idea what it is. A quick search on google didn't yield any info for me, so hoping someone on here know's something about it.

Relatively rust-free. After I got it back to the in-law's my bro and I checked and re-packed the bearings (they were in great shape) and cleaned/adjusted the parking brake mechanisms. We also got rid of the rotten/mis-matched military tires and replaced them with used radials on the original split rims (done before the pic was taken.)

We took a day and built a quick steel frame w/wood sidwalls and loaded it up with 300-500lbs worth of stuff and it towed the 700miles home behind my minivan like a dream.

Check out the funky suspension, I like the clearance, but am a little worried about the availability of some potentially non-standard parts. Plans are still WIP for it, but involve it being a multi-use/expedition trailer for camping with the family and towing behind the FJ40.

Interested in all feedback and thoughts :)
Looks like it's built like a brick shat house...I'd put the "Trailer Build of The Century" on that frame jack !!

I'd say nice find, I think with a little poking around you'll find out what it is.

good luck :beer:
ummm I like it! loosen up that suspension a little, airbags maybe, shocks for sure; possibilities are endless! great find!
There should be a data plate somehwere telling what model it is. The guys on this website may know what it is. Trailers - Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite

Tks for the link sseaman. Heck of a site.

Attached are a couple more pic's, sitting outside my house this time (after the 700mile trip home) and next to my 40 (currently undergoing Major Modifications) to give you a relative size. First pic is a little misleading due to relativistic positioning, last pic is the most accurate.

I've monkeyed all over it and can't find a data plate anywhere. Just the stencil on the front saying US Army, and I think a serial number?

My first thought was maybe some sort of a water trailer (based on the size of the leaf springs - good heavens.....) but I haven't been able to find a water wagon that looks similar. I can't find anything with that type of 'axle' setup.

Thinking at this point I'll pull about half the leaves out of the packs, install some shocks and build an all steel box similar to whats on the 1/4 ton, but not sure yet. I really liked rezarf's build, and may borrow some of his designs. Also planning on returning it to the traditional lunette ring hitch, I got one from the same place for $25.

It's definitely stout ;). Anyone know where I can get a 2.5" 8 pt socket for the axle nut?
another vote for gen frame

HMMWV - Wikimedia Commons
Transport & Support Vehicles (M996 - M2000, MK48)
US Trailers



It's a derivative of the 3/4-ton M1101 HMT (High Mobility Trailer) that met the US Army requirement that the trailer be able to go through any environment that a HMMWV could. Because of the large travel of the HMMWV suspension, these trailers were built with independent suspension arms allowing a lot of travel distance.

It's possible this trailer was a chassis for some other use, because of the arrangement of the safety plate on the rear corners of the frame. Take a look at the radar unit on the HMT trailer in the second photo.

Very few of these trailers have been released from service.

The suspension is overkill without a 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton load on it.

Someone has replaced the lunette with a ball hitch. They've also removed the surge brake setup.

Take a look at the trailers, especially the flatbed trailers, on this manufacturer's site:

EDIT: Your trailer may be an early version or a predecessor of the M1101. Your trailer uses a quarter elliptical spring pack, whereas the current M1101 uses progressive rate torselastic rubber chords.
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Whatever it is, it looks plenty solid. I haven't seen any trailers that have that type of suspension setup, looks very cool.

Be careful trying to copy rezarf, Drew did a heck of a job, and has some incredible skillzzz.

Keep the pics coming as you build.
Wow, that trailer is nuts. I've never seen 1/4 eliptical springs on a trailer, especially that big! It must be rated for a ton of weight.
Brian - tks for the link and pic's, extremely helpful in identifying what I've got. I suppose if it's designed to carry sensitive radar equipment w/o shocks then maybe I just need to lighten up the leaf pack and it will be ok with my camping gear....

Sseaman - no danger of me copying rezarf's stuff. No way I could do justice to what Drew's done (I sat down and read his entire build-up thread in one sitting - amazing work.) I was thinking about trying to adapt some of his designs to my skill level, as they are extremely well thoguht-out and intuitive.

First though, I have to get the '40 back on the road - hopefully sometime in May ;). In the meantime, anyone know where I can get a 2.5" 8 point socket? None of the usual suspects had anything that would work....
You may have to make your own socket for something like this, or check military sites as they may have a source.

Sign up on the other site I gave you and ask about the socket there.
You may have to make your own socket for something like this, or check military sites as they may have a source.

Sign up on the other site I gave you and ask about the socket there.

Tks sseaman. Making my own was my backup plan. I signed up on SS last night, but the site was down for maintanence or upgrades or something and I couldn't post.

In the meantime, my plans (for now) are:
  • revert to lunette
  • cut off some of the welded-on 'extras' (read: random metal)
  • replace the bushings
  • remove several leafs from the packs
  • stabilizer legs in the back
  • blast and paint
  • fuel tank and water tank between the frame rails
  • primary metal box, probably include slide-out stove and sink w/a few drawers (has to be removable)
  • small metal box on the tongue for batteries, somewhere to put a propane tank, a 120V outlet, pump for water, etc
  • bedliner for the underneath, and inside of the primary box
Lots of details still to work out, and I am very open to suggestions or thoughts of what folks have done that they really liked or disliked :) My boys are starting to get old enough to go camping (4, 5, & 6) so it's time to put the wheels in motion!
That's a wicked starting point. I have yet to see anything similar on government liquidation.

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