Anyone have or know where to get a rear axle housing?

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Jan 2, 2007
So Cal
I had a run in with a brick wall today. The wall won.

The dudes over in 80 series tech confirmed my results, a bent axle.

Now I need a housing for a factory locked rear end. Anyone have one sitting around collecting dust? Seen one in a junkyard recently?

I searched and may have a lead there but it doesn't hurt to have more options.

I have seen a non locked at the junk yard you would have to mod it to fit your locked third. Were are you at?
I'm in Banning.
Try calling Specter Off-Road (, they usually have all kinds of that stuff, but their price is pretty dear.

g'luck, Dan.
1200$ from SOR for a new axle housing, I know you can find them in junk yards.
I have a complete rear end getting shipped out to me. Should be here tomorrow. I love I'll have an extra locking third for sale here pretty soon. Thanks for all the help guys.
How much? and Im looking for a take out for a buggy build.............lets talk.
Got my new axle in today. That sucker is heavy! Anyone want to help me install it for beer and food? I'll even throw in those fancy chrome caps. How can you refuse an offer like that?


I needed a new battery so I picked this guy up. Convinced Sears to give me 10% off.

Very nice, thats no joke for a complete take out.......
Im at work till Sat, but thats a easy job with the right tools. I have a nice set of 36" jackstands to lift that 80 up then just take it out the back.
Got the swap done. That was no fun whatsoever. I'm putting up the complete locking rear end and my 35" Bajas for sale if anyone is interested. The housing is bent but I found a shop in LA that will straighten it for $200.

Feels good to drive her again.

Got some new tires and wheels today. Paid $70 for the 37" BFGs and $250 for the wheels. Not bad.
That's my buddy's house. He traded his wife's blaster for it. It's a 75 CJ-5. 4.2L, 4 spd. Not a bad toy for a quad he paid $1000 for.

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