anyone have a trailer and a little time...

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Jun 12, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
...need to get the stripped down hulk of my 80 over to 28th street
and Cactus from Central and Thomas. anybody got an alternative
to an $80 flatbed tow? make me an offer, i'd rather have what little
scratch i have to go to a copper stater than somebody out of the
phone book. :banana:
does this mean your build has gone bust or does this mean you are getting a cage fabricated? Sorry but I don't have anything that can help with the tow.
it's good news (except for my wallet) steven arlia is going to start the cage work....
it's good news (except for my wallet) steven arlia is going to start the cage work....

Good choice...We know he can build a winning 8 truck.
Not trying to put any pressure on you:D

What is the weight of the cruiser?
what time of day do you need to do this???:hillbilly:
oh its on wheels?
Have you got anyone yet? On wheels and rolls, right?
i got a big trailer an a winch am down in phx alot . let me know i could use some change:idea:
sorry for not checking in last evening, my pool filter decided it wanted to be a "water feature".
it now seems the truck has to be over there today if i don't want my project shuffled back so
i'm in a big hurry now, thanks for the responses - i'll shoot you my number weldit just in case...
sent pm - give business to Weldit if possible. If he cant get to it today let me know.

mission accomplished! thanks for the hookup eric, the guys were great even when it
looked like the tow truck was going to need a tow truck. :doh: a thanks to everybody
for the help, hopefully there will be some build pics to post up next week... :cheers:
OK so i now have a car hauler, if anyone in the club is ever in need just let me know...

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