Anyone ever moved a factory PTO back closser to the Chassis ?

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Jul 11, 2009
Hi Guys,

I have a BJ 74 with factory PTO which means the front over hang is pretty substantial.

Just wondering if anyone has ever moved it back closser to the radiator to fix this issue ?
Hey steelart, I like the way your cruiser is coming along. I have a pto and also don't like how far it sticks out. My front bar is factory, I think, but not one of those shiney crome ones. I was thinking bout putting an arb one on like yours but might just leave it as is for now. If you work out how to move it back please post your results.

Anyway my question is pto related. I put in a one inch body lift and now my pto lever won't engage/lock into position. I was wondering if you put a body lift on your cruiser and if you dealt with this problem? I think my options are to grind out the pto lever hole to allow it to lock into position or move the whole pto lever mechanism forward a few centermetres?

Has anyone done this mod before?


I fiddled with this idea quite a bit. Then my winch got stolen :(

What i found was that if you do a 2inch body lift. You can lift the factory PTO shaft above the crossmember which would mount the winch about 90mm higher than before. The only problems I could forsee was with the body lift like boogie74 said, is that you would have to make some modifications to the body to get the PTO lever to engage.

As far as moving it backwards, there is only about 10mm slip before the shafts are too long and you would have to start modifying the shafts which I think could be tricky to do properly.

As you can see in this photo the shaft can be moved over the crossmember and besides the radiator.

With some custom barwork that doesnt stick out so far, I think it could be a great improvment to the approach angle.
The later model PTO winch sticks out a lot less...

yes, PTO into bullbar does this

Hi, on my 74 when adding bullbar, Proffitts was able to mount the bullbar, with PTO and it looks sweet. Doesn't stick out anymore!
Hi, on my 74 when adding bullbar, Proffitts was able to mount the bullbar, with PTO and it looks sweet. Doesn't stick out anymore!

Very nicely done !

Do you have some more photos of that front bumper set up with the PTO winch?

This is not a hijack! Here is the PTO/BullBar custom build up @ Proffitt's

Jeremiah Proffitt figured out a way to do this, so he gets the credit! Basically the stock chrome stuff came off, left winch in place, and "modified" the ARB Bull-bar before powder-coat, so the Bull-Bar would fit right over the PTO, and mounted everything SO freaking clean!!! Never had to disconnect anything. I had ask on my build thread for advice, someone sent a photo of another 70 series with a PTO/Bull-Bar so it went smooth, no directions were needed, and I am so happy with the look too! The pictures are of Ian working on it as well, Thanks guys!

I was insisting on keeping the factory PTO, so here is some more pictures-glad I kept it, saved $ too over electric style winch! Now has hot-water shower connections too ON the Bull-Bar!
Hey guys thanks for the input.

ducatiman81211 do you happen to have some side on full pics so I can see how far out it sits in relation to the vehicle as a whole ?

Sweet ride by the way
Hope this helps.

It sticks out exactly the same as if there was no winch, and just the bull bar.
how was it done?
travelling now

Hey, sorry I am on the road, and traveling. I will try and do this soon, but no guarantee how long. You could call Proffitt's and ask them how it was done, from the ones that did it...

As a reference mine is 350mm from front of bonnet to top of bar.

Looking at your pics I would say they just mounted it in the factory position. I looked at mine today and the factory PTO rollers are recessed into the bar where the ARB style setup puts the rollers in front of the bar, thus getting much more clearance behind.

If you look at my pics you will see how the bar sits well forward where your ARB seems to tuck the winch into the bar more

I think if I cut the current bar up and move it back pushing the rollers to the front I will get pretty close to where yours is it.

I prefer the look and build of the ARB Delux to what I have now so I might just wait and buy an ARB and modify it or make my own.


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