Anybody with ARB rear bumper?

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Aug 2, 2017
Tustin, California
Really wanting to get a rear bumper and considering the likes of Slee, 4x4Labs and possibly ARB. I can get a good deal on one and i trust them a lot, but wondering how this thing looks on a lifted 80 not all weighed down.

Hard to find a good photo online, does anybody here have the ARB modular rear bumper?
Do you need those rear lights? That’s the thing I’ve wanted to change. Took the signals out of the front one and replaced with some Rigids.

I would Imagine you need those rear lights in Australia, so the design just Carried over to the US market.
I had one and got rid of it. Thing weighs over 200 lbs and personlly they're rather bulky. ARB's are well built but.... Slee's and 4x4 labs are more streamline and you actually remove weight to install. Weight is the enemy
I have a Kaymar and 4x4labs rear bumpers, both of which I love, but the ARB is to me it the most Natural/Stock looking rear bumper of the group. The ARB is more aggressive than pure stock with swingout, but not so Metal/bolt-on like others.

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