Anybody with a 305 TPI, need wiring help!

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by ToyotaFanatic, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. ToyotaFanatic


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    May 9, 2003
    I am posting for a friend. I just got done with wiring my 350 TBI and it wasnt that big of a problem(one stupid wire was my only problem) but we have started on my friends 305 TPI wiring and we have no clue on where to connect to the fuse block for the IGN HOT(pink/black) and the 12+HOT(orange) all the wires dead end into relays. Do you have to use the 15 pin connector beside the computer to power the ECM?
    Were not brain dead we just need a little help. :D
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