any simple instructions for front wheel stud replacement?

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Dec 1, 2011
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When installing the new tires on the lx470 my wife drives one stud broke and one didn't look too good... I ordered the new studs and nuts... any simple step by step instructions? I've searched the web but maybe missed it... I have a 20ton press in the shop so it's there if needed... I have the tools just missing the knowledge....
A press is not necessarily needed. Once the hub is off, knock out the broken stud with a hammer and fit the new one. You will fell it when it's in the proper place. Use big washers or large nuts over the new stud and pull into place with a lug nut and lug wrench or breaker bar. It's nothing compared to reinstalling the hub, bearings and other parts. Good time to repack the bearings. Follow instructions on ihadmail's link and it will be fine.
Thanks for the links and the advice... did it today along with cleaning and greasing the bearings and replaced the front brake pads... took about 3hrs which included a run to AdvanceAutoParts for a few parts... Just a couple notes... the 17mm bolts holding the caliper on took a 2ft cheater bar to break them loose, tied the caliper up out of the way with a wire coat hanger... @ 180k I'm pretty sure these hubs had never been pulled... I cleaned up everything and greased the bearings I did have to pull the disk off the one hub with the broken lug nuts... I had a spare stock LC tire and wheel sitting in the garage (but I guess I could have used the wheel and tire I took off the truck) but wheel & tire face down placed hub in the wheel made for a perfect holder to remove the 5 bolts that hold the disk to the hub I used 2 lug nuts to hold it onto the wheel... in fact the smallest end on my 4way lug wrench fit the bolts that hold the disk to the hub... I then flipped the wheel over with a punch and a 3lb hammer knocked out the 2 broken studs... with hub still bolted to the wheel, inserted the 2 new studs and with a stock lug nut threaded onto the new stud I pulled them into place...

The brake pads were down to about 1/8" - 3/16" I last replaced them in 2012 so I popped in a new set, I'm kinda glad i broke the lug nut which forced me into pulling the hub and cleaning and greasing everything and doing the brakes... the bearings and everything looked good @ 180+k but this is the lx470 my wife drives and she won't even hit a pot hole... I was able to remove the hub bearing nuts with my fingers so it should be a little tighter now...

last point... the hole in the end of the axle is threaded and a bolt threaded into it makes it easy to pull it out and keep it out while you re-install the C clip... again thanks for the help and info.
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At 180k why not just replace the wheel bearings? Mine failed at 185k.

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