Any 80-guys have these laying arround?

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Jul 30, 2007
I need to find a set of roof rack cross bars, wondering if any of you guys have a pair laying around somewhere, or know of anyone who does?
Awesome, just let me know what you want for them and ill come by and pick them up. I need to run into homer glen for work on i believe wednesday, if you are arround i could swing by then, or whatever is convenient for you really.
I'll let them go for the low low price of FREE! You can even have the bars that they connect to if you like. I would have offered the bars that lay on the roof but I used them to extend my fence where my dog would crawl under.

I should be around on Wednesday, just give me a call when you are in the area.
You'll have to PM me your number, im not one of those "in" cruiser guys who has everybody's number.

And if you wont take money, ill at least bring you booze of your choice.
Scott man thanks a bunch, now i can actually haul my new kayak the way im supposed to instead of hanging 6' out the back of my dodge.

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