antiwrap bar location?

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Jun 30, 2008
cheshire CT.
looking for a spot to put the antiwrap bar without moving gas tank. I know it should be as close to the center of axle as possible but has anybody put it on the passenger side of diff? thanks Capt.
heres a couple of picts


It looks like it would limit some axle wrap. It sure is funky looking though.
Its called a bam bar, it relies heavily on the strength of the springs.

You have plenty of room for a traditional wrap bar. Drop the shackle down from the x-member and have it swing between the tank and the case.
Hey Rick I see why you broke your pinion, what size tires r those?
What tank is that Chevy S-10?

those are 39s pitbulls and Dan at ruffstuff said its an over size tank for the fj and very expensive.. but not to sure, was there when i bought it... ordered the anti wrap kit from Dan today
will get those picts out to ya soon,,, Does it matter how long the front shackle is that comes down off of the front coss bar , attached to anti wrap bar? Being that there is minimal amount of front movement and up and down pressure from axle torqe, the shackle could be 4" to 5" or the shorter the better???
thats a 79 and later under the floor fuel tank.
you could build one similar to the type JK Customs makes to clear the 79+ underbed gas tank:
here you go.
The other nice thing about Jason's design is that it works as a great rear drive shaft slider...;)
Looks like a shiny first install shot - any after shots to show damage/grinding from the shackle hanging that far down? How badly has it hung up - if at all?

Not being hyper critical - but I'm getting ready to replace my current setup (FJ80 front trailing arm reversed) that has the shackle on top - with something that hangs down like that - but I just can't see it surviving the stuff I drag my belly over....and I don't have to work around a tank.
Since you have the newer style tub (gas tank underneath) there is plenty of room to tuck the front shackle up behind a skid plate. Hope these pics help. Also notice what I was saying about the drive shaft slider. Jason does great work.
Those old Rascall pics?
I've got that bar (the pic above with the Swampers is my truck) and I've never hung on that shackle.
I would have run the top tube to the end of the bottom tube, but it looks good. If you did not use thick enough wall tube your failure point will probably be at the red line. The other common failure point is ripping the mount from the factory cross member / torque tube.
that is where mine is currently bent. I built mine that way the first time. It worked well till i bent it. then second time i made the top bar straight and it seems to work better.
Proffits cruisers is similar to that as well with the lower bar extending past the upper...a friend busted his on the Rubicon a couple years ago at that same spot in the bar and promptly blew his pinion.
Ideally you would want the upper and lower bars to converge at the ends, or real close to the end.

Just my .02
Do you have enough room between the bar and the gas tank for the axle to flex upward? It looks pretty close.

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