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Jan 19, 2006
Santa Cruz, CA
Hi There,

Just wanted to introduce myself, get involved, you know. We just purchased an '06 Land Cruiser. I've wanted a LC since I was in high school. Almost bought a couple of older ones along the way but always ended up with something else - mostly because of price. I have a '93 wrangler that I bought just outa college and still own. I love it and it will be my toy/project forever I think. I've had it off road in AZ, Utah and CA and spent a fair amount of time with it in Baja looking for surf. So far it's stock - but some day it'll have all the requisite equipment. I drove a Cherokee for a while and hated it from the instant I bought it. Then, last year, we were in the market again - 2 kids, 2 dogs, sail boat to pull - We almost bought a used Land Cruiser but then we drove the Land Rover LR3. We got seduced and bought it. BIG MISTAKE! I won't go into the details (unless someone who's considering both wants specifics), but we traded it in on the LC about a month ago after one year of owning it (pocket book is reeling).

We hope to have this thing for a really long time (so I probably won't be doing the Rubicon with it - like the dudes in that other thread). But we plan to take it on off-road camping trips in the Sierra and use it to haul our sail boat around. I'd also like to use it to haul the jeep to places like the Rubicon someday but so far I have to many projects and to little time.

Anyway, we'd like to learn about trails and good weekend trips to do with the family around Northern California and I'm sure I'll be on here with lots of questions in the future. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum!:cheers:
Awesome, thanks for posting up!!! You're lucky to be in an active part of the country when it comes to cruiser functions. I'm sure you'll find plenty of runs to take a stock 100 on.

Maybe post up in the Trails - Events - Expeditions section and mention "NorCal" in the title and there'll be plenty of good folks to throw suggestions out.

Again, Welcome!!!!
Welcome and show us some pics

sorry about the LR! but no surprise there, sadly enough...

there are indeed a few cruiserheads around you there. Gilroy, Monterey, IIRC.

of course there is the huge pack around Sacramento, but some of these guys are weird... :D plus many of them drive cruisers wearing pink panties on their heads.... well, to each his own... :D

check out the "backroads adventures" book on NorCal. The SoCal is great for medium hard exped type wheeling and sightseeing.
Yes welcome to the board! You're right around the corner from me. Got any pics of your new Cruiser?
Welcome and GREAT move dumping that Rover !! ;)
Welcome, Jim! I second the e9999 suggestion of the "Backcountry Adventures" book (Peter Massey) as well as "Northern California Backroads" by Charles Wells. I'll see you out there.

Hey CTapia, where are the pictures from your roadtrip?
Thanks for the warm welcome!

I think I like the Cruiser more each time I drive it. Shoulda checked out this board before we made our mistake with the Rover :frown: You should see the problems floating around on the LR3 board at edmunds. At least we aren't the only fools. Man I'm glad I'm done with that!

I'll pick up "Backcountry Adventures" thanks for the tip. I think I might have the other one already, gotta dig around.

No pics yet! My daughter killed the digital camera with stickey peanut butter hands. But I'll get back to you on it.

Are the pink panty wearers bald? I hope they have more hair on their back than on their head to make it really worth a look. :grinpimp:
My best friend was a service advisor at LR for a few years, needless to say he was a busy man. Some of the stories he told me of brand new vehicles w/ motor seizure etc
Welcome to the best LC forum JJ_SC! We'll see how long you keep that thing bone stock after a couple runs, even mild runs, in the Sierra. I'm not a bett'n man but if I were...
Hah! I'm already thinking those Slee sliders look way better than the dumb step it has now. And of course, it's functional. I've been trying to pull the step off since we brought it home, but my wife actually uses it. I'm thinking the slider is a good compromise...

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