another hdj81 F/S...

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Kinda wonders on the road because of the low offset and bigger than stock wheels. But who cares right.... It belongs on the mtn roads anyways :)

Hi Allen. 33" tires shouldn't make it wander on the road. Sounds to me that you got some play in the front end, perhaps the steering box or tie rod ends. You may want to have it looked at and fixed. The BC MVA does not allow you to sell a vehicle which is:
222 A person must not sell, offer for sale, expose or display for sale or deliver over to a purchaser for use a motor vehicle, trailer or equipment for them that is not in accordance with this Act and the regulations.

While I don't generally find myself recommending ICBC, their tips on selling a vehicle are good ones, especially having a safety inspection done by a certified shop.
ICBC | Tips for selling your vehicle
It'll also save you from wasting time with people who want to BS you for a lower price about defects that are not there.

You should be able to pick up another compressor cheap as well - used here or new from the US.

Good luck with the sale. :beer:
Or call Ciaran Wilson, he does vehicle inspections for BCAA, mostly JDM. I'm sure if you throw a few dollars his way he would be happy to give it a thorough inspection. In fact, Ciaran might recognize the said truck, he has worked on a ton of 'em.
I think John is on to something here. Better to fix the issues (steering, BEBs etc.) than let someone use them as a wedge to cut you down. Just my opinion..
It will probably make it easier to sell if you get it inspected and registered in BC as well (since you are trying to sell it in BC). Right now it's just another reason for people to cut you down on your price.

It's a good looking truck, but I think there are a number of reasons you aren't getting offers for the amount you want...
I missed the Alberta plates. Yes, having it registered here will make it more appealing buyers and also protect you. Legally, you only have 30 days to get it registered if you have moved here with it. If you end up with an insurance claim and 30 days have gone by, it is likely the Alberta insurer will make a point of proving that and leave you on the hook.
I'll look into the steering. I think its okay tho. I have blizzaks on chevy rims for winter time and those make the truck ride like a dream. The truck has flairs on it so if you take that to count, the rims obviously have a wide track. This truck drove from Alberta to Vancouver with 4 fingers resting on the bottom of the wheel this spring with the bliz's. Its also not the first 81 I had with these wheels, last one did the same thing too.

Ive considered repairing the compressor. I have just been busy with work to get around to finding one and changing it. But going to keep eyes and ears open. (Thanks for reminding me actually).

Next time I take this LC to work, I'll throw it on my hoist and see if anything is worn in the box and ends, but dont get me as a guy that would sell a dangerous car. Thats just wrong. Im as honest as you wish for.

I also Have a place in Ab and I live between provs. We just didnt have any luck selling it there and seeing all the cruisers out here, figured it might have better odds. Thus far, getting good feedback from the lc guys.

As far as an oop goes. I can get that done in a couple days fairly easy. It was kinda expected. Maybe I should add that to the ad? I also dont want to do the oop before I sell because I still take it back to Ab on trips and in case I sell it there. (Which could always happen).

In the end im just going out of my way to help the old man sell this whip and in return, someone else get a solid truck. I've imported too many cars/trucks from Japan to count. I know what cruisers are worth to go that rout. Im giving any one of you or any of your pals the chance to skip the steps that take up time and money and in the end is a gamble. This truck is landed. This truck was also a million yen in auction and has had several thousand of dollars to fix it up after its been landed. My dads loss is a gain for someone out there. I list OBO in the price, Im negotiable. I got advice to ask this amount from a guy that I bet most of you know of. So I am really only trying to sell it for a fair price for market value. Let me know if otherwise and I could consider my options after.

With all said, I completely understand where you guys are coming from. Maybe its just a lil to early on these forums for me to understand the lingo on here.
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The wondering is likely related to the shallow wheel offset. When my 81 rolled off the boat it had the same wheels, same wondering problem, even with a tight front end. Wheels closer to the factory offset fixed the problem.
I thought you were going to buy this off your dad, or was this going to happen if it didnt sell?
I thought you were going to buy this off your dad, or was this going to happen if it didnt sell?

Thats what the plan was. Bring it here, drive it, see if I like it and go from there. Unfortunately, I would rather have a LS1 with a better trans than what comes in the 1HDT. So before I go buying a cruiser and find a engine to put into it, I bought a 84 toyota pu truck to hit the trail till i have more time and money to upgrade to a cruiser.

trucks still f/s. Lots of calls, but nobody has time to come and see it. If someone is really interested, I can bring it to you for a test drive and go from there.
The market is flooded with these 81s
still up for grabs. price is very negotiable.

I was going to do an bc oop on it this week, But I now have a guy interested from Alberta. Meeting with him at the end of the month when he comes out here for business. So might be a last chance to get into a nice cruiser for a good price!

After I do the oop, its getting parked. ICBC wants 3 months up front for insurance and I dont plan to have this thing that long. I can do a BC oop very very easy. Im just not going to go from paying $50 a month for insurance to $600 area for 3 months. Id rather have a lower price tag for whoever buys. :)

Please call if you have any questions
604 961-2449
Wow, $600 for three months, I thought paying $300 for three months was expensive, which is what I just paid.
I have bad luck with icbc. I pay approx $145 a month for my 84 toyota pu and something like 2k a year for the womans rhd integra. I have a 25% discount because the only thing on my record is rolling through a stop sign back in 2008. Had them change the quote 3 times on the integra, so maybe im getting ripped off somehow. Everyone tells me icbc is consistent with quoting, but I beg to differ!

Anyways.... I'll post all the pictures and info on this truck this weekend for anyone who might be interested.

I had one guy look at it this whole time. We took the truck to Steve at EBI to look over and then the guy was never to be heard from. He kept calling it a 4 runner anyways :S So if you guys know Steve, he can tell you about this specific truck as well. I might also bring it to this weeks cc meeting at ebi for anyone to look at and check out the club. :)

Price lowered to $10,500. Buy now before something happens to me and I keep it for myself.

If the drivetrain fetches a decent amount, I could consider parting with it and using something else if I do keep it.

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